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New Era in Gastronomy

In this fast-paced world, new things that represent something different, that give new directions and can not be compared to anything else are rarely born. BIGINNING is that kind of restaurant. We would like to provide our guests something different, something other than usual. We created a friendly, yet really trendy atmosphere and believe that the hospitality we represent will be a new beginning long-awaited by everyone.

BIGINNING represents both, the flavours and atmosphere of old Hungarian restaurants and the design and serving of modern restaurants. We created BIGINNING, because Buda needs a place where new and traditional dishes are prepared from fine dining ingredients with the latest kitchen technology in perfect quality. Our kitchen represents the "big dining", combining the highest expectations for high quality raw materials and kitchen technology of fine dining trends with the flavours, modalities and portions of the old Hungarian cuisine. The serving, appearance and ingredients are modern, but the spices, flavours and portions recall the real old Hungarian hospitality. This makes BIGINNING a pioneering and pathbreaking restaurant. 

We look forward to welcoming you!

Our chef

Szuhenyák Ferenc - Bininning Ferenc Szuhenyák

He is the junior creative chef of BIGinning, who is responsible for the perfect day to day operations of the kitchen staff and for team management. He is the local big man (literally).

Our guests said

So far, I used to go to Pest when I wanted have a nice meal. From now on, this is going to be changed. In my opinion, Buda really needed a place like BIGinning! I love steaks and I’m eagerly looking forward to the steaks to be offered on their menu.

According to what I’ve read on Facebook, BIGinning shares the features of traditional and modern restaurants as well. I live in Buda and my office is located here as well, so I am glad that Buda’s gastronomy is going to be improved by this place. On weekdays, I will definitely take my business partners to this restaurant, and on weekends, my family.

I am looking forward to the opening and enjoying the familiar quality of Evidens Bistro in Buda. I’d like to experience the specialities of the place and experience real Hungarian hospitality at this place as well.

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